The food shop


Cooking is an synesthetic art: its message passes through tastes, smells, tactile sensations, visual sensations and sounds.

By Visini, in the heart of Como, you can find different types of gastronomy, such as: the classical Italian, the vegetarian, the wellness-type and ethnical preparations daily home made with selected raw materials


The research, development and transformation of the finest traditional ingredients, are our way to give new emotions to our customers.

Our gastronomic proposals are both traditional and refined for the classical types and light and dynamic ones, walking with the times and constantly evolving.

“Visini key” to transform the traditional culinary world is our way to permit to show how wide and varied is the world of food.


“If the food is of a quality and it is cooked the right way, the souls of the people will come out naturally “

Creativity and experimentation, supported by a solid vegetarian philosophy and the awareness that natural foods are not only good but also healthy…. That is to say that the food nourishes the body, but also the emotional sides of the people.

In its wide-reaching Visini has recently introduced some typical recipes of vegetarian culture, using raw materials and top-quality condiments, thus satisfying the demands of those who today have decided to follow the principles of this philosophy, be they ethical, healthly, ecological and / or economic benefits.


“The Wellness Cooking” is the perfect blend of taste and nutrition”

The ingredients used by Visini are typical of the Mediterranean cuisine: fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals, fish, nuts, spices, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, in additions to food from Eastern food cultures. The use of red meat, cheese, and butter is limited and their consumption is well balanced.

We pay particular attention to cooking methods in order not to alter the values of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Each course proposed by our Wellness Gastronomy is reach in nutritional substances, bioactive molecules or antihoxidant molecules, it’s both tasty and flavoured since this kind of dishes ameliorate both the bodily and soul conditions.

Don’t forget that long life elixir consists mostly in the way we eat.
Ingredients, quantities and cooking methods exalt the quality of food, keeping untouched those substances that help the cell renewal and reduce the aging damages.


“Learn, taste and have fun … a culinary trip around the world”

Learn, taste and have fun! Visini puts in its panorama, dishes belonging to the culinary traditions of other peoples, in this way it embarks on a culinary around the world journey, full of perfumes, spices and colors, discovering fascinating flavors and tastes of distant lands and valuing the knowledge of “cooking traditions” and “specialty food “such as cultural elements.