The family philosophy.

From a united family with sound principles based on the members’ cooperation, fully hard working and with one goal, focused on professionalism, always looking for quality, driven by a passion with an eye to the past and one to the future.

In 1958, two proud craftmen of handmade food Giorgio and Liliana, Stefano and Corrados’ parents, after several experiences in the best stores and restaurants of the area took a path that led to the opening of the first Visini store.

Corrado and Stefano grew up in this environment and they absorbed their parents’ passion, so that in the ’90s, they decided to follow them in their footstep. They gave an evolution to a classical, but evergreen local.
According to both the specific skills and inclinations of each one, it was necessary to determinate a collaboration based on interactive single division of work: since then Stefano is responsible of the home-made cooking process of all the products processed in Como as well as of the style of the presentation of the same food, while Corrado is more involved with the external collaborators, customers’s service and business promotion
The two Visini brothers concentrated their attention on refined and innovative gastronomy, but they never lost the family philosophy.

The desire to offer their customers their best was greater and greater, so they created their owner branded products “I Sigilli”. Today all these products are guaranted by their personnel control both on the raw material and worked on their recipes.

1999 was the year of change, a new shop and a new team in Como. They gave to this new team Visini’s philosophy. Corrado and Stefano decided to move their shop from Albate (a suburb of Como) to the heart of Como, near the Cathedral, in the old tower of Merchants.

The new shop in Como was composed varius and wider departments: the gastronomy, the delicatessen, the cheese department, the winery , the bar and the restaurant-bistrot.

More spaces, a lot of choices of gastronomy, cheese selections from Italy and Europe, all fresh and with little cakes and desserts

They were an absolute novelty in Como: greatly successful.
From that moment on in their winery you can find over 8000 bottles of wine.
In this way you can test a precious wine without buying a bottle.

Everything is still possible!

The restaurant-bistrot became well known. It was and still is always managed by Stefano, the chef. In an elegant, refined, confortable location, Visini have thought to propose our excellent quality, which is the product of
their philosophy determined by a non-compromise passion.

Their cooking creates an ideal bridge between classical specialites of the well-known Italian and international traditional culinary art, combined with creative preparations carefully presented by their chef. Their never ending search of handmade products and selected ingredients, combined with their creativity, ensure a mix of flavours and both simple, classical and refined tastes to each dish, never forgetting innovative proposals to delight our guests’ mouth.

In the first 10 years of the new century, the catering is more and more requested.
Visini high quality of the dishes, of the service and the high-skills are recognized by the most important companies, so that in 2005 Dailmer Chrysler decided to give Visini the managing of the catering during their presentation of the most important Mercedes car series.
Today Visini is a company with its own distinct identity. It is recognized by the foreign companies as symbol of excellence and quality, and it collaborates with Daimler Chrysler, Rolls Royce and BMW.

In national environment it collaborates with CCIAA, Ratti, Mantero, Fiorete and other companies of our territory.

Visini also works with Kuoni for the realization of special tours from the Atlanta Walt Disney USA Company. It’s a combination between a sightseeing of the most spectacular local landscapes together with the organization of nice and funny cooking classes for the tourists. This way Visini explains the recipes and realizes some of the most famous Italian dishes as gnocchi, spaghetti etc. with the guests who enjoy sharing the experience; at the end of the lesson, Corrado and Stefano give them a certificate of partecipation with a little gift: a chef’s apron.

Visini works with perseverance, enthusiasm and professionality, never losing their own mission:“the good in the beautiful!”