The Bistrot


Simple but not banal, cared in its details, the Bistrot Visini is the ideal location for a drink, a snack, a casual lunch in leisure, an afternoon break and why not? … A nice cup of coffee!.

In an elegant, refined, confortable location, Visini have thought to propose our excellent quality, which is the product of our philosophy determined by a non-compromise passion. Our cooking creates an ideal bridge between classical specialites of the well-known traditional Italian and international culinary art, combined with creative preparations carefully presented by our chef. Our neverending search of handmade products and selected ingredients, combined with our creativity, as a sure arrange of flavours and simple, classical and refined tastes for each dish, never forgetting innovative proposals to delight our guests’ mouth.

The bistrot will open on Thursday 13 January/

Monday: close
Thuesday: close
Wednesday: close
Thursday for lunch: 12:00AM – 2:30PM
Friday for lunch: 12:00AM – 2:30PM
Saturday for lunch: 12:00AM 2:30PM


Reservation is appreciated

Some pictures of our dishes!

See our proposals in the gallery